woman applying facewash over acne

Acne treatment: One size doesn’t fit all.

A stroll down the skincare aisle makes one thing clear about acne treatment: there are so many choices. Dozens of products promise to cure oily skin, soothe dry skin, even out your skin tone, and clear breakouts. Sometimes all those promises are made by a single bottle. For those of us who suffer from chronic acne, we’ve tried everything and learned the hard way. The truth is, one size doesn’t fit all.

Choosing the right skincare products without professional guidance can be daunting (and expensive)! “Most of our patients come to us because they’re tired of trying products that don’t work and investing money without results.” said Dina Crowell, Medical Master Esthetician at Cosmetic Center by VIVA. According to Crowell, there are a few reasons over-the-counter acne regimens aren’t always effective.

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Three things missing from your over-the-counter regimen:

  1. Holistic approach. Topical acne treatment will address what’s happening on the surface, but often ignores the underlying cause. “Successful acne treatment will also address routines, diet, and a patient’s overall health,” Crowell said.
  2. Customized formulas. Not all acne is created equal. Your skincare regimen shouldn’t be. Acne treatments work when the formula is customized to address the specific grade of acne. Developing a unique protocol that utilizes specific products and procedures can make all the difference.  
  3. Medical grade ingredients. Over-the-counter treatments lack medical grade ingredients. “One of the best benefits of working with a Medical Master Esthetician,” said Crowell, “is that the protocol will not only be targeted to your specific symptoms, but the quality and strength of the ingredients in the treatments make them much more effective.”

Three steps for finding acne treatment that works:

  1. Get examined by a Medical Master Esthetician.  The first step in finding an acne treatment plan that works is to schedule a consultation with a professional. Medical Master Estheticians are licensed skin care professionals who are highly skilled and expertly trained to help you reach your skin care goals.  
  2. Identify your grade of acne and the underlying cause. During your consultation, your acne grade will be identified and the underlying cause(s) of your acne will be addressed.
  3. Customize your treatment plan. The next step is to design a treatment that’s specifically structured for your unique skin. By following professional protocols and utilizing medical grade skin care, you can improve your tone and texture as well as the overall health of your skin.

What are the different grades of acne?

Customizing your solution begins by finding your acne grade. Your acne therapy can achieve all the results you’re looking for if your skin is healed safely and effectively.

  • Clear breakouts
  • Calm inflammation
  • Smooth skin texture
  • Brighten skin tone

Acne Grade 1: Mild acne with breakouts and blackheads in local areas with no inflammation.

Acne Grade 2: Moderate acne with breakouts that are more noticeable and often include focal areas such as the cheeks or the forehead. Blackheads may also be present. There is mild to moderate inflammation.

Acne Grade 3: Severe acne with widespread inflammation. Blemishes are typically large, red, swollen, and very irritated.

No matter what grade of acne you suffer from, Cosmetic Center by VIVA has treatment options for you. We invite you to schedule a free consultation with our Medical Master Esthetician to determine which acne protocol will work best for your specific grade of acne. Call us at: (540) 376-7777