Acne Treatments in Fredericksburg


Not all acne is created equal.

Acne is a very common and treatable health condition. But did you know that all acne is not treated the same?

At Cosmetic Center by VIVA we specialize in improving your skin tone and texture as well as the health of your skin. We understand that each individual has a different journey with acne. In addition to our advanced acne facials we offer an acne therapy program to combat your specific type of acne.

Acne Grade 1

Mild acne with breakouts and blackheads in local areas with no inflammation.

Acne Grade 2

Moderate acne with breakouts will be more noticeable. Blackheads with some inflammation.

Acne Grade 3

Severe acne with inflammation, blemishes are large, red and swollen and very irritated.

Developing a protocol to counteract the symptoms and recovery of your specific grade of acne is our approach to healing your skin safely and effectively with professional acne treatment protocols and medical grade skin care for home use.

We invite you to schedule a free consultation with our Master Esthetician, Dina Crowell to determine which acne protocol will work best for your specific acne type.

Before & After Photos

One peel, two acne facials, and one microdermabrasion treatment of full-face acne. Photos taken 5 months apart.

Acne Treatments at Cosmetic Center in Fredericksburg